What To Do in Case of an Emergency?

  • Remain calm

  • Dial 911 and state the nature of your emergency

  • Give the location, name of the residence and directions to the dispatcher. To help the ambulance crew quickly locate the scene, also include descriptions such as the color of the house, identifying landmarks, road intersections, and distances to the dispatcher.

  • Give your name and the phone number from where you are calling. Do not hang up until the dispatcher has obtained all the necessary information.

  • If possible, have someone wait outside to direct the ambulance volunteers to the patient. Volunteers may have blue/green flashing lights on their cars.

  • If you cannot have someone remain outside, leave your car near the road with its emergency lights flashing. At night please turn on all outside lights around the house.

  • If you have any doubts that the situation is an emergency, CALL! The ambulance will be dispatched and our Emergency Medical Technicians will properly evaluate the situation when they arrive at the scene.