What To Do in Case of Emergency!

Personal Safety Tip

Set ICE as a Contact Entry in your cell phone. "ICE" stands for "In Case of Emergency".

If you become injured and are unable to communicate, having an ICE entry in your cell phone could help to save your life. Rescuers will be able to look at your cell phone and contact the ICE entry, notifying them that there is a problem and get reliable information about you. To provide a little more information to rescuers, you can have multiple entries, such as ICE-John or ICE-Amy. This will also give a name to identify the person that the rescuer would be calling. Having multiple entries also increases the rescuer's chances of getting someone on the phone. You should make prior arrangements with the person you use as your ICE contact, or at least let them know, so that they will cooperate with emergency personnel. Ideally, the ICE person should be able to provide family contact information, your physician's name, and be aware of your medical history, allergies, and so on. While ICE on your cell phone is one good way to provide emergency contact information, you should also have the same ICE contact information in your purse or wallet in case your cell phone is damaged or otherwise unaccessible at the time of the emergency.